31 January 2012

The Date .... the end!

And that was my summer project. No excuse not to get my tax done now. Or any of the other jobs 'left to do over the summer break' which I've totally ignored.

Some of the numbers were pretty easy to see, and I think some of my favourites were the ones that found me. Cleaning out a cupboard, sitting down to sew, taking a lunch break (in fact, quite a few 'appeared' at lunchtime), looking for something unrelated to the project, and of course my walks in the neighbourhood. I'm the type that goes for a walk with my head swivelled to either the left or right to see what's happening in gardens.

Apparently I can get a poster made through Printstagram with my Instagram photos. The only problem is I need 50 images. So the big question to keep me company this afternoon is whether to stop this project today - it is The Date, after all - or keep going to 50.

I might just have to put the kettle on to think about that one.

23 January 2012

The Date ... updated, and refreshed

Oh look, here's another week. Is it just me or is this month just flying by? Looking back at the week and I feels like it was much longer than a mere 7 days, some of these pictures were taken inside because it was too dull and dreary to go outside, and others were hot enough for a decent case of heat stroke. Soothed very quickly by something cold and refreshing.
With condensation dripping down the sides of the icy glass.

Hope you're enjoying your January days!

15 January 2012

The Date ... and some Sunday sewing

So here's the challenge, somewhere between waking up and eating breakfast I wonder where the day's date for my summer project will pop up. I look at the stuff in front of me, I think about what I've seen on my walk, and sometimes I settle into an activity and there it is right in front of me.

Like today. After a dreary week of almost winter weather I thought by whipping up a new summer frock I'd somehow channel the return of summer. Ta day, it's a sunny day, a mild 21 degrees with blue blue skies. I'd like to think my voodoo sewing charmed the sun back somehow! At the very least I saw The Date just sitting there, on my tape measure, proudly presenting the date to me.

I like little things like that! Noticing. It's not a bad thing to (ahem) notice!

Can you see my Tivoli radio all lit up in the background? I love listening to test cricket on the ABC, the perfect sewing companion!

PS I finished the dress and I'm wearing it as I type. We're about to go to the movies and my whipped up summer frock is on it's first outing!

10 January 2012

The Date .... up to date!

I tell you what - a summer project is fun! This morning I went for my early walk and where I would normally have my ear plugs in and listening to some boppy tunes to keep the pace up, instead I kept the music off. It was just the sounds of my footsteps on the path and it was wonderful. Even the back-to-work traffic was quiet, hardly a car on the road. And every house I walked by was sleepy quiet. It's bliss. I love this time of the year when everyone has left town - where have they all gone? - and the mornings are so wonderful peaceful.

Except for my steps. Turns out without music playing my sneakers aren't that .... well, sneaky!

In a weird way this peace is inspiring.
What's been inspiring you this summer?

05 January 2012

The Date .... and Book Club

I've got a few rules about my summer project, the numbers are revealed to me in spooky ways through the day. And by spooky I mean I employ all manner of 'artistic licence' to make connections! Such as FINALLY finding time to sit back and indulge in some new novel reading and getting up to chapter 4 before stopping to make a cup of tea. Chapter 4 .... on the 4th! Ta-dah, project material!

Today I'm doubling up - I've got the 4th and the 5th to share.

And what a fabulous novel it is. A new Christmas book. Santa did well. Jo, you'll love this as the perfect beach book!

You know I'm mad for Man Men. You may not have known how mad I was for Paper Giants, a wonderful drama on the ABC this year about the birth of Cleo magazine, Ita Buttrose, Kerry Packer and all the music and fashion of the early 70's.

The dust cover of my new wonderful novel - Freudian Slip by Marion Von Adlerstein - says "Man Men ... Paper Giants ... The Freudian Slip. Looking back has never been so entertaining. A deliciously witty novel about three very different women, all trying to make their own way in a man's world."

Clever Santa didn't miss a beat, this had my name all over it and that's before I gush over the sheer perfection of the font and frock on the cover!

I loved Cleo. There's a fabulous blog post about Paper Giants and Cleo at Absolute Beginners

Those frocks! Mad Men gals from Couture Allure

And in a massive effort not to read anything online as I browse for pictures (spoilers, sweetie!) I did notice season 5 is due to air in the States in March. Spooky coincidence - I learn about season 5 ... on the 5th!

You knew he'd turn up!

03 January 2012

The Date .... and Paddle Pops

The third!

As my man pops down to the shop for a Paddle Pop - and there's my childhood summers right there on a stick! - I'm wondering if it's cooler inside the house or out.

Today I've picked up new glasses from the optometrist. I'm a little self-conscious, I'm not a natural glasses wearer, or hat wearer come to think of it. I'm under instruction to wear them often to get used to them so I guess I'll be over that little foible before long.

Today I chatted with my local nursery blokes about tomato russet mites. Seems I have them. Bugger.

This morning I noticed the return of the rumbling traffic droning away in the background with the end of the public holidays. I can't get over how beautifully quiet it is early in the morning on public holidays.

02 January 2012

The Date cont. - 2nd

I'm fully committed to my summer project - otherwise how else would you describe a nut wandering around the neighbourhood hunting images led by her iPhone camera like it's some divining stick when it's nearly 40 degrees!

40 degrees. Yep, it's hot. Hello Summer, you've been holding out on us.

What I'm enjoying about this project is that it's (quite literally) marking the days. I still can't believe how last week just seemed to evaporate without me even noticing the days pass. I'm not going to lose time like that again in a hurry. And I'm going to use this exercise not only to make pictures - one of my all time favourite past-times - but to be aware and witness each day.

Today is the 2nd.

Today is my sister's birthday - happy birthday you gorgeous girl!!!

Today I'm listening to my new Florence + The Machine album (disc - for you new modern young things).

I've just had a coffee and muffin at a cafe for elevenses.

I resumed my crochet schedule at the crack of dawn this morning to beat the heat. It's just too horrible working with yarn when it's hot. You could say I'm a 'fair weather hooker' !!!

I'm currently debating whether or not to leave that last truly awful pun in here or not. Figured you're all on holidays anyway and only one or two of you will notice!

Today is only Monday and the beginning of a week full of potential.

Have I inspired you to witness your days? I hope so.


01 January 2012

Summer Project - The Date

Play time! I love a summer project and this year's came to me as I kept noticing random numbers that had some sort of coincidence attached to them. Such as finding an old photo on 29 December that was taken on 29 December 7 years ago - spooky!

And this project combines my love of noticing the small things and my obsession with Instagram. I present The Date. A collection of numbers found in my surroundings that represent the date. High brow stuff, eh! Post-modernism, anyone?

Meet the first of January.

I've been waiting for so long for play time.

Not only play time but time to get stuff done that dropped off the priority list as the end of year got a bit out of control. Now's my chance to catch up with things like clean the studio, chuck out stuff, do my tax, sort through photos, clean out cupboards, figure out what that box of papers are under the bed, invent a way to hang my necklaces inside the wardrobe door - you know, all the important stuff.

And what have I done so far - hardly any of it! I've been in a weird Dr Who time-free zone this week where I've barely been aware what day it is. I've travelled interstate for Christmas and back again, I've sat around, I've painted my nails and I've done nothing else. Where did the week go? I haven't cooked, I haven't sorted, I haven't read a single magazine yet, let alone any of my new novels. All the plans I had for my week off are left unchecked. Oh, I did get my eyes tested - hoorah! I've only been meaning to do that since I got my first reminder notice in March 2011.

If anyone knows where 2011 went please give me a call!