15 June 2013

Have you met Temple & Webster

Such a big weekend at Chez Crayon! Today is the start of Temple & Webster's Hand-Made Market event.

Who are Temple & Webster?  It's a members-only online shopping club dedicated to beautiful items for the home - well, hu-llow Crayon Chick!  All you need to do it register and you get the most amazing sales posted right to your inbox.  I've been a member since the end of last year when I was first approached by Temple & Webster to run an event with them.  It was quite overwhelming!  I was so honoured to be recognised and included.

I have spent every spare minute of the past 6 months creating stock for this.  When I did the numbers over the Christmas break I was flabbergasted to realise it was about 500 hours worth of work to create!  I tell you, think long and hard before making your hobby your business.  I've never worked harder in my life!

But now it's here and I thought I'd be able to start relaxing but I realise I'm actually holding my breath, which is going to make this a very long week if I keep that up.  The sale runs until 24 June.

And in the spirit of 'it never rains but pours' ... my crochet jute pot is in today's Herald Sun Home lift out!

Guess I won't be putting the hook down just yet!

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  1. Congrats to you, nimble fingers!
    ....but what else would you do? :)